Construction Health and Safety (CHS) is one of the key elements well equipped to deliver on all your CHS requirements. We are a turn key company that can provide a SACPCMP registered personnel.

Typical duties of our specialist are:

  • Development of the Client Health and Safety Specification
  • Development of the Baseline Risk assessment
  • Application for the Construction Permit to work
  • Monthly legal compliance site audits of the Principal contractor
  • Approval of the Health and Safety Plan
  • OHS Project close out reports

Duties will be provided by registered Professionals who will complete the duties in line with the SACPCMP scope of services for the CHSA.

Our SACMPCP registered team can assist with on-site construction safety requirements required by the Principal contractor with the following duties:

  • Pre-selection phase on contractors and tender phase
  • Mobilization and demobilization of sites
  • Site Inspections
  • Development of the project specific safety file
  • Conducting accident and incident investigations and reporting
  • Conducting Legal compliance audits on the Sub contractors
  • Attending of the SHE Committee meeting
  • Development, implementation and maintenance of the SHE plans
  • Monitoring of the Client Health and Safety Specification
  • Liaising and distribution of audit reports to relevant stakeholders.
  • Outsource your OHS Requirements- Let us do all the CHS work to ensure compliance.

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